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Single Tier

The perfect option for smaller events.

From $150


Four Tier

Go the extra mile with 

our famous four-tiered cake.

From $590



Light textures and

gorgeous simplicity.

From $160


Double Tier

Make your party pop

with a double decker.

From $280


3D or Carved

3D crafted cakes are

an absolute crowd pleaser!

From $350



Because everyone is happy with a cupcake in their hand.

$4.50ea or $50/dozen



Three Tier

Wow your guests 

with a three-tiered cake.

From $460


Gravity Defying

Making the impossible

possible by defying gravity.

From $550

00005 Balloon_wht_pastel.jpg

Cookie Cake

When you can't decide between a cookie and a's both!

$120 per letter or number (R, W, 7)

$220 double numbers (18, 21, 50)


Many factors determine the price of custom decorated cakes and cookies. Style, size, shape, flavour, filling, icing, budget, design and complexity are just some.  Daisy Cakes and Bakes will always obtain your acceptance of a quote prior to securing a booking.  The Terms and Conditions page provides more detail on quotes and booking an order.  Daisy Cakes and Bakes will custom design a cake or cookies for your celebration, or use your ideas or photos to deliver a product that meets your needs and that looks and tastes amazing. 

*Daisy Cakes and Bakes has some set prices and the pricing information on this page is a guide only and based on simple design and minimal decoration. 

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